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So this one time me and my friend Ed, we were having a wander through the forest all casual like when I saw this one frog just doing frog stuff if you catch my meaning. So I turned to my mate Ed and I was all 'homie, home slice, my friendly little fella. I'm gonna lick that frog.' Now Ed, my good sweet dude, he looked me dead in the eye and was like 'nuh uh, that's a bad move' but his words weren't as swift as me going from not licking a frog to licking a frog. So I get done slobbering this frog when this frog, I kid you not, looked me dead in the eyes and whispered 'you have passed my test my child. I shall now awaken your third eye,' and for like the next hour I could see beyond what the human mind could comprehend. Now I know this sounds fake, like a made up story written by someone desperate to come up with something to write in a text box on a website but it's true! Ed, the coffee to my mug, can vouch for me! I mean he didn't hear the frog talk or see any of the things I saw but he did see me lick a frog! Anyway, this shirt totally gets me.

This is a straight cut, unisex, 100% cotton t-shirt. 

  • Size S=34" Chest 
  • Size M=36" Chest 
  • Size L =40" Chest
  • Size XL =46" Chest

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