About Us

Two scenarios:

1. We live in a dystopian hellscape where everyone buys everything from Amazon and we all have the same clothes and eat the same gruel. There's no cash any more so don't try protesting or you will be shut down at the flick of a switch (yes, Canada - we're talking to you). Everything is grey. And plain. And basic. 

2. We all get out of our chairs and go out to the local indie shops, fairs and farmers markets. We chat with real people. We see things we could never have imagined to search for online and buy things that are really special and make us feel happy. Everything is colourful. And vibrant. And creative.

It's up to you. You have the power. You decide.


Welcome to our online store of unique and wonderful items.

We are an independent business and have been trading for over a decade. We specialise in kawaii and quirky gifts. We make some of our own products and others are sourced from around the globe. We import new and vintage items from Japan. We love pop culture and we are often the first to import new products into the UK. We also support upcoming artists and creators by working together with them. We have a beautiful shop in the Corn Exchange in Leeds and would love for you to visit us there.

Our Customer Service is second to none and we have sold tens of thousands of items to happy customers. We aim to provide a fantastic shopping experience and we normally dispatch all orders within one working day. Our shipping costs are low and we offer shipping upgrades which you can select on checkout as well as free shipping on larger orders.

Support small business and the world will be full of creativity!

Giant Kitten, 11 Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds LS1 7BR

Our shop opens from 10.30 to 5.30 Mon to Sat and 11.00 to 4.30 on Sunday.

You can email us on hello@giant-kitten.com

Find us on Twitter  https://twitter.com/giantkittenshop 

Find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/giantkitten

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