We Love Japan!

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We recently visited Japan. Tokyo is one of our favourite places in the world to visit. As you might guess we are huge fans of popular culture and nowhere has a more interesting and rich culture than Tokyo. It would take months to explore it fully - maybe we will get round to that one day! 

One of the things we enjoy the most is just sitting back with a delicious Japanese dessert and a green tea latte and watching the world go by. Japan makes some of the most scrummy desserts imaginable. The pic shows the sort of thing we mean! We also became addicted to mochi, or at least a certain type of mochi. Mochi are a ball-shaped dessert which has the most amazing coating of rice formed into sheets - it feels so soft and squishy. The filling is often red bean but we found one type with cream, cake and a whole strawberry inside. We loved these so much and we have tried to find them everywhere since returning to the UK but no luck! We will keep up the search. 

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